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~Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


CELEBRATE YOUR FAVORITE AQUARIUS - With the Sun now in your own sign, it's time to celebrate your inner unconventional, unique self. As a water bearer, pouring your heart and soul into every aspect of your life, mainly justice and fairness, friendships and love, at this time, use this month to reset. This month's New Moon on the 9th can and will provide you with the ammo for gaining more perspective.

NEW MOON - Feb 9, 2024 - AQUARIUS NEW MOON - This is a very observant Moon aspect and we hyper focus on situations involving ourselves as well as others. It's about letting go of the ego and paying better attention to what others may be feeling and saying, and taking in, receiving. Human nature at its best describes the New Moon in Aquarius. An intellectual Moon, wisdom on a karmic level. Anytime a New Moon occurs, we find ourselves creating better habits, it's a chance to create a clean slate. Those affected by this particular New Moon are Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and of course Cancer as they are ruled by the Moon. For the rest of us, wherever the New Moon falls into your chart will determine its importance.

PLUTO REENTERS THE INNOVATIVE SIGN OF AQUARIUS - very significant for those born under Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. Hugely revolutionary! From March 23 through June 11, 2023, we had a brief taste of Pluto in Aquarius— the planet of change, transformation & unearthing— in Aquarius, the planet associated with humanity, and technology, revolution, and rebellion. It takes 248 years for it to complete an orbit, until March 23, 2023, had not been in Aquarius’s domain since the late 1700's. For the upcoming year we may see radical shifts in government, technology, medicine and more, Jan 22, Pluto will move back into Aquarius, then September 2024 back into Cap then back into Aquarius, November 2024. Pluto is illuminating both on a personal as well as collective growth.

FULL MOON - FEB 24, 2024 - VIRGO FULL MOON - this month's Full Moon opens up our senses and may also play havoc on our emotions as it creates a sense of restlessness, and intensity. A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose each other, therefore creating an extreme polarity between energy and emotion. A great week to clean, purge and work on matters that have been left on the back burner since the Full Moon in Virgo is all about being tidy and organized. This is clean situation (no Virgo pun intended) in that the Sun and Moon oppose each other with little interference. You can compare this to a good connection on a cell phone. Emotions (Moon) are lit (Sun) under the full Moon. People respond in various ways, sometimes dramatically (Sun). They talk more, they have more babies, and they go to more emergency rooms and jails.

VENUS, THE PLANET OF PLEASURE & PLAY IN EARTHY CAPRICORN - UNTIL FEB Feb 17,2024 - Venus will remain in Capricorn - reinforcing our sense of security, yet in a more dignified, structured way. It brings with it a sense of integrity and awareness, that above all brings reality and focus into our everyday lives. In the goat sign of Capricorn, her balance to transiting Neptune brings forth the clarity of spirituality as well as stability. VENUS in Capricorn merely reminds us that everything has purpose, that there is a reason for all that exists. This is a no-nonsense sign, with a sense of true commitment. No frills, no fantasy, just down right meat and potatoes, let's get to the bottom of it all sign. Those born under the sign of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn are most affected by this transit. For others where it falls in your chart will determine its influence

VENUS, THE PLANET OF MONEY & LOVE - MOVES INTO FRIENDLY, SOCIAL AQUARIUS - FEB 17, 2024 - MARCH 12, 2024- perhaps a bit more over-thinking and analyzing, churning and fretting. Do I really want to be with this person? Are they right for me? Do I deserve more? Do I want to date or belong solely with one person? I just want to be friends, or do I want more?


ARIES - (March 20- April 19) - Pluto's reemergence into Aquarius, should feel like a breath of fresh air. This cycle encourages you to reflect on friendships, taking the necessary time much needed socializing, restoring former relationships, and reestablishing your sense of purpose. Also, your career concerns may diminish as the transits favor you to regain yourself. Recharging your battery is key. This can be a prosperous cycle. Use it to your advantage.

TAURUS - (April 20- May 20)- Career, work aspirations beckon with this New Moon, Pluto and the transiting Sun at your mid-heaven. Putting the necessary feelers out there, can do you a world of good. Though resistant to change, you may be more open than usual, and more receptive to a bit more visibility. However, Pluto now Aquarius can be a bit challenging, at odds with your own sign, though can force you out of your cocoon. A necessary advantage.

GEMINI - (May 21- June 20) - You've been hit by some pretty intense transits, mainly Saturn in Pisces, at odds with your own sign since March 2023. However, now that Pluto has moved back into Aquarius, you may have more reinforcements to reach your goals. Pluto in sync with your own sign, can be a huge advantage as it highlights your inner psyche, allowing you to reach your higher potential. Moreover, the New Moon on the 9th can be inspiring to say the least, as it magnifies.

CANCER -( June 21 - July 20) - The spotlight this month is about rebooting yourself where finances and security are concerned. A definite challenge, yet very workable. With this month's New Moon in Aquarius, as well as Pluto moving direct, highlighting your area of resources, can be favorable. This is the time to take stock of yourself, while setting some healthy boundaries. moving ahead and creating the structure you so crave.

LEO -( July 22 - Aug 22) - Pluto now in Aquarius, opposite your partnership house, is beginning to shift the foundations of relationships, prompting a deep assessment of yourself Though it is also a reminder that loving yourself first is the key to being able to fully show up for someone else. It’s hard to devote yourself to a partnership—whether it’s romantic, platonic or professional—unless you’re taking care of your own responsibilities and prioritizing your wellness. Self-love is key.

VIRGO - (Aug 23- Sept 22) - Pluto has just begun igniting a deep and revitalized desire to get your life in order and be of greater service to the world around you, Virgo. It’s time to relight your inner fire, focus on your sense of responsibilities as well as health and fitness. All work and no play can make life dull. Focus on reconnecting with simple joys. It may not be a bad idea to start stimulating your creative juices, while keeping in balance.

LIBRA - (Sept 23- Oct 22) - Matters of the heart are clearly defined, a strong focus as Pluto in sync with your own sign places a sense of lightheartedness in your path. Navigating your feelings, taking stock as to which direction to take is paramount in order to gain some footing. Making peace with past hurts and memories that still linger, as well as the emotional floorboards that need fixing, places you on the right path. It's time to open yourself up to endless possibilities. Focusing on what feels right.

SCORPIO - (Oct 23- Nov 21) - For you Scorpio, changes in most areas of your life, work and home, echoes. Pluto direct, now in Aquarius has you revisiting past issues and forcing you to make amends, and clarify what needs to be done, in order to move ahead. Speaking your mind, and sharing thoughts and ideas is paramount. ideas. Remember, your words and presence carry power. So, work from the inside out. Clarification is key.

SAGITTARIUS - (Nov 22- DEC 20)- Sagittarius, say what you mean, and mean what you say is the key point with Pluto moving in Aquarius. You are definitely one that marches to you own drum, and in the coming months you may feel more inspired than ever to belt it out. In the meantime, try your hand at something creative and unique. Allow yourself the opportunity to open up to new ideals and goals. This can be a most inspiring time for you. To reach higher than you thought.

CAPRICORN - ( DEC 21- Jan 19) - What a roller coaster ride it has been, as Pluto has been in your own sign since 2008. Now moving ahead, again into Aquarius, then back again into your own sign until Jan 2025, you should be spinning around in so many circles, trying to gain some footing. However, moving into Aquarius, it's time to reflect on the financial portion of your life. Money, security, all that it entails. Getting more of a grip on your sense of security and focusing more on establishing a good plan of action should be the focus.

AQUARIUS - (Jan 20- Feb 18)- Like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, Pluto now your own sign can place you at an advantage point. It's time to delve into your intuition, listen to the beat of your inner child, and face what is in front of you, as well as what is in store for the coming years. This is a powerful transit, and merely forces you out of your cocoon. In simple terms, it encompasses every aspect of your life. Work with it.

PISCES - (Feb 19 - March 19)- The sacred most intimate part of your life is your subconscious thoughts. Your inner psyche. And now that Pluto is delving into that solitary, inner space, you may instinctively step in place with it as it opens up your already spiritual, intuitive nature. Understanding your place within the collective mind is keen and will allow you to reevaluate your existence with everyone else. This is a powerful transit. Focusing on the mind, as well as body and spirit can instill a greater balance.

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