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I would highly recommend at least one visit to Janet in your lifetime and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Janet knows her craft and is extremely knowledgeable in astrology. She is a very nice and professional person. ~Carol

Janet is very accurate and compassionate, it amazes me at the things my chart tells her. Almost everything the Stars have told her about me has been right on. ~Cheryl

Janet is good at what she does. There's a reason why she's the top Astrologer in Northwest Ohio (dare I say Ohio)! Her predictions are accurate, and she can read personalities very well based off of a person's chart. i have been seeking her advice for over five year,s and she's never steered me wrong. Bless her.

Incredibly, warm and kind person.

If you want someone with a clear understanding of you specifically and insight that is with precise precision, Janet is a Shining Starr!

A kindred spirit to me!


She is very detailed and intuitive in her readings. You can tell that she is a master of her craft. When you go to her just make sure you're prepared so she can do her job properly without any interruptions. ~Brandon

I have had readings from Janet for over 10 yrs. It’s amazing how she has been so accurate on so many things. Things I had no control of influencing or changing. So accurate on people’s personalities with nothing more then a first name, birth date and location. She is great on giving guidance and direction when you do have control to make changes when needed. ~Tina

Janet is awesome. Very knowledgeable, talented, and personable. All of the information she shares is explained and given as it is (not biased). I highly recommend scheduling an appointment~you won’t be disappointed and you will be a returning customer:) ~Erin